Crestline Education Foundation seeks to provide access a first-rate education (and programs that are affiliated with their education, ie; educational trips, conferences, seminars etc.)  to those parents who share our commitment to this form of Classical and Christian education. Since it began in 2017, Crestline Academy has not turned away a family due to their inability to afford the entire tuition. In this spirit, we are committed to continuing this tradition, providing assistance to those families whose resources are not sufficient to meet the costs of a Classical Christian education.

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Those wishing to establish a specific scholarship the addresses a specific set of circumstances may do so by including a directive with their donation.  While the foundation Board will do its best to honor such directives, it will be the foundation board’s discretion to give the final award.

​All awards are open to applications outside of Crestline Academy, but must fit within the definition of Classical Christian Education (unless otherwise states).  The foundation Board will establish an application process for all those seeking scholarship from these funds.  This application process will be clear and accessible to all those who wish to apply and must stay within the definitions and vision stated above.